Membership in Act!vate Brain & Body is specifically designed for the needs of people age 50 and above. Our science-based, patent-pending process was created for a wide range of abilities, from the unfit, inactive, gym-avoiding, newcomer to those who already participate in some form of fitness activities.

We specialize in remote, live, personal, one-on-one coaching and personal training using your computer or mobile device. Our process and the Age!Younger workout combines a wide range of aerobic, resistance, and functional fitness routines, with balance and movement training, stress reduction tools, brain training tools, plus diet and nutritional counseling.

Our process uses all the latest fitness trackers and wearable devices, measurement tools, plus the best-in-class apps and software tools to create a comprehensive assessment of your needs, and to track your workouts in such a way that lets you and your trainer know exactly how to optimize the program for your unique situation.

Our Coaches make it all work. They are far more than personal trainers. They are highly skilled experts in guiding people from inactivity to a healthy and active lifestyle, from moderately active to physically fit and sharp-brained, from stressed and tired to invigorated and activated.


Coming Soon:

Access to the science-based, patent-pending, Age!Younger Workout, the Act!vate Toolkit, and a highly trained brain/body coach.

Access to your biometrics database, partner companies, and mobile apps.

Five Membership Levels:

  • Just Getting Started    
  • Private Personal Training    
  • Private Coaching Plus Personal Training
  • Advanced Coaching and Personal Training
  • The Act!vated Self(TM) Coaching


Additional program options include:

  • Couples Coaching and Training
  • Specialized Programs: Body Focus, Brain Focus, Diet & Nutrition Focus